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RTM-Worx and CVI technology

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Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM)

RTM-Worx was originally developed for the Resin Transfer Moulding process and has been applied in a lot of challenging applications. A selection of case examples is presented here; click on one of the images to get more information.

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RTM: O-I spar by Fokker Special Products RTM: Filling simulation for T-detail RTM: T-detail by Fokker Special Products Lug assembly and T-Detail of Fin Box by Fokker Special Products, Hoogeveen, The Netherlands

RTM: Filling simulation for stiffener RTM: Stiffener rib by Israel Aircraft Industries Stiffener by Israel Aircraft Industries, Tel Aviv, Israel

RTM: Hovercraft rotorblade by Umoe Mandal RTM: Flow simulation for rotorblade Hovercraft carbon/epoxy rotor blade by Umoe Mandal, Norway

RTM: Composite bus seat by Kok & van Engelen RTM: Flow simulation for bus seat RTM: Ubbink dormer window roof by Kok & van Engelen Bus seat and dormer roof by Kok en van Engelen, Den Haag, The Netherlands

RTM: Spoiler by British Aerospace Airbus Ltd. RTM: Filling simulation of Brite-Euram Demonstrator Brite-Euram Demonstrator by British Aerospace Airbus Ltd.

[top] Controlled Vacuum Infusion (CVI)

Closed moulding technology for composites manufacturing is gaining more and more interest, especially for large products. RTM-Worx is the best simulation tool available because it combines speed, flexibility and reliability with the capability to handle very large models. In Controlled Vacuum Infusion, the guesswork is replaced by trial infusions on the computer with the RTM-Worx software. The example projects below range from application of RTM-Worx by our licensees to projects where we actively participated to implement the technology, transfer the necessary knowledge and designed the infusion strategies.

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CVI: Infusion of a bulkhead for the Maxi Jena CVI: Infusion of the hull by Technol CVI: Flow simulation for the deck (detail) Maxi Jena 80' carbon/epoxy racer by Meteor Koper / Technol Yachting, Izola, Slovenia

CVI: Trial infusion on a glass plate CVI: Infusion of the inner skin by Bolt Maritiem CVI: Filling simulation for Satellite 44 outer skin Satellite 44 by Bolt Maritiem, Nieuw-Scheemda, The Netherlands

CVI: Flow simulation for the gun shield CVI: Infusion of the gun shield by Umoe Mandal CVI: Infusion of the gun shield by Umoe Mandal Gun shield by Umoe Mandal, Norway

CVI: Infusion of the hull by Standfast Yachts CVI: Infusion of the deck by Standfast Yachts CVI: Filling simulation for the deck 64 feet carbon/epoxy touring yacht by Standfast Yachts, Breskens, The Netherlands

CVI: Infusion of the hull by Conyplex and CLS TUD-TNO CVI: Injection strategy developed by CLS TUD-TNO CVI: Demoulding the Contest 55 hull at Conyplex Contest 55 by Conyplex and CLS TUD-TNO, The Netherlands


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