Vacuum Infusion of a 24 meter racer

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For the production of a 24 meter (80 foot) racing sailboat Maxi Jena, a project of the Slovenian company Meteor Koper d.o.o., our Controlled Vacuum Infusion technology was selected to manufacture all the composite parts. All the infusions have been carried out by Technol Yachting d.o.o., Izola, Slovenia.
    In comparison with glass fibre, impregnation of carbon (with epoxy resin) is much more difficult. Therefore, extensive tests were carried out, including infusion on a vertical glass plate to make sure that even the thickest laminates would be properly impregnated.
    Close cooperation with the material suppliers (G. Angeloni S.r.l and Brands Structural Products) yacht designer (Andrej Justin), supplier of the mould (3DW Moulds S.r.l.) and the precision of the work by the enthousiastic people from Technol Yachting have made this challenging project a success.
    Check out the other pages with a lot of photographs and simulated animations of the initial tests and infusions of the hull, deck and bulkheads.

Testing five selected laminates and one reference Trial infusion of the carbon on a vertical glass plate Testing alternative flow media (from Angeloni) Tests
We started the project with some trial infusions ...

Preparation of dry materials Infusion of the bulkhead Finished bulkheads laminated in the hull Bulkheads
The complete sandwich, laminates and foam core, was infused in one step ...

Dry materials and flow net in place Infusion of the hull Simulation: infusion plan for the hull Hull
The runner system for infusion of the hull was optimised with RTM-Worx ...

Preparation of the deck Infusion of the deck RTM-Worx simulation for the deck Deck
Because of the geometric complexity, this was the most challenging infusion ...


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Maxi Jena
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