Vacuum Infusion of a Satellite 44
by Bolt Maritiem

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Bolt Maritiem - Satellite 44

Polyworx has assisted Bolt Maritiem to implement the Vacuum Infusion process for infusion of a Satellite 44 (using ATC core-cell foam core and bakelite epoxy resin supplied by Brands Structural Products). Those pages present the infusion of the hull to illustrate our approach, and in particular the application of RTM-Worx. The entire project is documented in detail on their own website (in Dutch):

Infusion of test panel (front side) Infusion of test panel (back side) Simulation with fitted permeabilities Experimental
Before we do the infusion of the part, a few tests are necessary ...

The hull ready for infusion Vacuum system with valves Simulation of infusion of outer skin Outer Skin
The first skin was infused using the foam core as a positive mould ...

Start of infusion of the inner skin View inside (seen from the front) during infusion Simulation of infusion of inner skin Inner Skin
Predicted and actual filling time matched almost exactly ...


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Satellite 44
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