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In order to assess whether RTM-Worx could be a useful tool, Umoe Mandal decided to test the software using a case where significant problems had occured due to severe race tracking. The part, a blade in the rotor of a hovercraft, is shown in the pictures below. The dry spots on top (and also at the bottom) of the part are clearly visible.

Rotorblade cross section

Rotorblade, light spots are air traps

Note the three metal pin inserts. The reinforcement surrounding the pins has significantly different properties due to the way it was applied. This has been incorporated in the RTM-Worx model. In addition, race tracking in all the sharp corners has been included in the model by adding small runners (shown as small green lines in the animation).

Simulation result, click for animation (umblade.avi, 970 KB)

RTM-Worx predicts the location of the dry spots very well. Keep in mind however, that this is a matched solution. If the size of the race tracking channels and/or the reinforcement properties are changed, the result can be very different. You will have to anticipate problems like this if you use RTM-Worx before trials have been done (ideally before the mould has been made).

Photographs and RTM-Worx models were kindly provided by Umoe Mandal.


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