Israel Aircraft Industries
Rib element


Rib Element

The rib element shown below was manufactured by Israel Aircraft Industries. This work was carried out as part of the TANGO (EC) project.

Rib element; manufactured with RTM by IAI

The model was imported from a Patran Neutral File. In RTM-Worx, the material properties, injection and venting ports were added using the integrated modeller.

The colors in the image below indicate the filling pattern. The purple part is filled first, followed by the blue, green, yellow and red parts respectively. The injection ports are shown as red crosses, the venting port as blue crosses.

Simulation of rib element by IAI

You can view (or download) the AVI animation of the simulation (rib34.avi, 1033 KB) by clicking on the image (or the link in the menu).


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IAI Rib Element
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