RTM-Worx User Manual
Model and calculation

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3 Build the model and run the simulation

3.1  Entering the Geometry and Properties
3.1.1  Model structure in RTM-Worx
3.1.2  Editing keypoints
3.1.3  Injection and venting ports
3.1.4  Editing curves
3.1.5  Runners and connectors
3.1.6  Editing surfaces
3.1.7  Surface reinforcement properties

3.2  Mesh Generation
3.2.1  FEM Mesh basics
3.2.2  Controlling mesh generation
3.2.3  Optimizing mesh and geometry

3.3  Running the Simulation
3.3.1  Abort, continue and restart
3.3.2  Resin viscosity and calculation parameters

In order to do a simulation of the resin flow, you need to define the geometry of your part, location of injection and venting ports, and the properties of the reinforcement using the integrated geometry editor. It is possible to import the geometry from a file generated by another application, but you will need to complete the model with reinforcement properties and maybe make some modifications, remove detail etc. This chapter explains the use of the Control Panels that are part of the geometry editor: Keypoint editor, Curve editor and Surface editor. Curves and surfaces are automatically subdivided in edges and triangles, the so-called elements needed by the calculation. The size of the elements influences the accuracy and speed of the calculation. You can control the generation of this mesh in the Mesh generator Control panel that is discussed next and the chapter finishes with the Simulator Control panel and alternative methods to run the simulation.


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