RTM-Worx User Manual
User interface

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2 RTM-Worx User Interface

2.1  The Workspace
2.1.1  RTM-Worx main window
2.1.2  Main toolbar
2.1.3  Render toolbar
2.1.4  Control panel
2.1.5  Display area

2.2  Menu and Commands
2.2.1  Menu overview
2.2.2  Project menu
2.2.3  View menu
2.2.4  Simulation menu
2.2.5  Render menu
2.2.6  Tool menu
2.2.7  Help menu

2.3  Viewing the Model
2.3.1  Dynamic rotation
2.3.2  Panning and z-clipping
2.3.3  Dynamic zoom
2.3.4  The Model view control panel
2.3.5  Manipulating light, reflection and colors
2.3.6  Plotting properties and results

This chapter introduces the RTM-Worx user interface and the commands available in the menu and the toolbars. The first two paragraphs describe the screen layout, toolbars and the menu respectively. The last paragraph explains the facilities available for viewing the model, and plotting properties and results for pre- and postprocessing.


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