RTM-Worx User Manual

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1 Introduction

1.1  Installation
1.1.1  System requirements
1.1.2  OpenGL and 3D graphics
1.1.3  Installing the RTM-Worx files
1.1.4  Registering your copy of RTM-Worx
1.1.5  File associations and the Windows Registry
1.1.6  The sound extension

1.2  Feature Summary
1.2.1  Integrated environment
1.2.2  Definition of model geometry
1.2.3  Model visualization
1.2.4  Mesh generation
1.2.5  Material and resin properties
1.2.6  RTM Simulation
1.2.7  Presentation of results
1.2.8  Database and import filters

1.3  RTM-Worx Philosophy
1.3.1  Application of RTM Simulation
1.3.2  Maximizing result vs. cost ratio
1.3.3  Accuracy and permeability data

1.4  Getting Started
1.4.1  Step by step checklist
1.4.2  Built-in assistance and online help
1.4.3  The RTM-Worx filing system
1.4.4  Integration with MS-Windows

RTM-Worx is an interactive integrated system for the simulation of the Resin Transfer Molding process that uses a combined Finite Element / Finite Volume method of analysis. Editing the geometry, fabric lay-up and resin properties is integrated with visualization of the model and assigned properties, the calculation and the presentation of results. Because the learning curve is short and the calculation is fast and reliable, you can concentrate on the optimization of your product and the RTM process.


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