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Resin Transfer Moulding

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RTM-Worx was originally developed for the Resin Transfer Moulding process and has been applied in a lot of challenging applications. A selection of case examples is presented here; click on one of the images to get more information.

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RTM: O-I spar by Fokker Special Products RTM: Filling simulation for T-detail RTM: T-detail by Fokker Special Products Lug assembly and T-Detail of Fin Box by Fokker Special Products, Hoogeveen, The Netherlands

RTM: Filling simulation for stiffener RTM: Stiffener rib by Israel Aircraft Industries Stiffener by Israel Aircraft Industries, Tel Aviv, Israel

RTM: Hovercraft rotorblade by Umoe Mandal RTM: Flow simulation for rotorblade Hovercraft carbon/epoxy rotor blade by Umoe Mandal, Norway

RTM: Composite bus seat by Kok & van Engelen RTM: Flow simulation for bus seat RTM: Ubbink dormer window roof by Kok & van Engelen Bus seat and dormer roof by Kok en van Engelen, Den Haag, The Netherlands

RTM: Spoiler by British Aerospace Airbus Ltd. RTM: Filling simulation of Brite-Euram Demonstrator Brite-Euram Demonstrator by British Aerospace Airbus Ltd.


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