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On this page, two examples of the application of the RTM-Worx software are presented. The simulations were carried out by Umoe Mandal (in case of the rotor blade with a bit of assistence from Polyworx). Photographs and RTM-Worx models were kindly provided by Umoe Mandal. Select the case by clicking one of the images or text links.

RTM: Hovercraft rotorblade by RTM: Flow simulation for rotorblade Rotor blade (RTM)
In order to assess whether RTM-Worx could be a useful tool, Umoe Mandal decided to test the software ...

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Gun shield (Infusion)
RTM-Worx has been used to optimise the infusion of a carbon/epoxy gun shield ...

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CVI: Flow simulation for the gun shield CVI: Infusion of the gun shield [1] CVI: Infusion of the gun shield [2]

You can view or download animations of the results from the calculations with RTM-Worx from the menu.


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