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Overview of RTM-Worx

If you are not familiar with RTM-Worx (yet), use the links below to get a lot of information about the RTM-Worx software: what you can do with it, it's features and the user interface.

Introduction  - About RTM-Worx, publications, contact data
Requirements  - Skills, learning time and equipment
User interface  - Layout of the window, toolbars
Geometry editor  - Definition, import CAD/FEM, integrated modeller
Material and process data  - Edit fabric, resin properties, ports
Mesh generation  - Controlling element size
Pre- and postprocessing  - Shaded, line contour and vector plots
File system  - Saving and organising projects
Calculation  - Running the simulation, calculation details

[top] RTM-Worx User Manual

The User Manual can be accessed on-line. Use the following links to get a list of contents or to go directly to the chapters.

Contents  - About this manual - Quick start
Introduction  - Installation - Feature summary - Getting started
User interface  - Workspace - Menu and commands - Viewing the model
Model and calculation  - Geometry - Properties - Mesh - Simulation

[top] Theoretical background

You do not need to be an expert in Finite Elements, numerical methods, mathematics or programming to use RTM-Worx. However, it is important to understand the assumptions and simplifications made in the model.

SAMPE 2002 paper - Simulation of Liquid Injection Moulding
ISCM 2002 paper - Fast, Accurate, Reliable 3D Reactive RTM Simulation
ISCM 2002 slides - Presentation d.d. Friday 31 May
VIPNED presentatie d.d. 20 augustus 2002 (in Dutch)

The background theory of the model used in RTM-Worx, the implementation and - maybe even more important - the inevitable design choices that are at the basis of the RTM-Worx software have recently been presented at the SAMPE 2002 Conference in Paris and the ISCM 2002, organised by the NLR, in Vollenhove, the Netherlands.


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