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Simulation of Vacuum Infusion and RTM

RTM-Worx is a very easy to use simulation code that uses the Finite Element Method to solve the physical equations that govern flow of a resin through a porous medium. It is designed to be used for part- and process optimization by engineers who are not specifically trained to understand the internals of FEM codes but with knowledge of the RTM process.

PolyWorx is a company dedicated to the development of software tools for the plastics processing industry. The development of simulation codes for the RTM process has started in 1991 by the development of an RTM extension module, by the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), to the VIp simulation code developed at the University of Eindhoven. The first PC based RTM simulation code, called p7, has been developed in the SimRTM Brite-Euram project in collaboration with British Aerospace Airbus Ltd., Brochier SA, INASCO Hellas, INASMET, INTRACOM, Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Short Brothers Plc, Sonaca SA, Swedish Institute of Composites and the University of Plymouth. RTM-Worx, the successor of p7, has a completely redesigned interface and improved calculation (four times as fast) and mesh generation (especially graded meshes) algorithms. Influence of gravity and modules for non-isothermal reactive simulation and import of draping simulations (like the MSC/Patran Laminate Modeller) taking into account influence of fabric deformation on permeability and porosity have been developed in the last few years.
This work has been reported in several publications:

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The mould filling simulation technology is also applied in other applications developed by Polyworx, a.o. for the (Gas Assisted) Thermoplastic Injection Moulding and Chips Encapsulation processes.

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RTM-Worx is available right now! We also offer RTM simulations as a service on project basis; we offer and develop software for simulation of chips encapsulation, thermoset and (gas-assisted) thermoplastics injection moulding.


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