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The slides on this page were presented by Arjen Koorevaar at the ISCM 2002 conference, organised by the Dutch Aerospace Laboratories (NLR) in Vollenhove, May 2002.

Case Examples

Several case examples were shown at this presentation. Click the links below for photographs and animations of the simulations.

Rib Element by Israel Aircraft Industries
Lug Assembly by Fokker Special Products
Rotor Blade by Umoe Mandal
Vacuum Infusion of the Slovenia 1 sailing yacht

Follow the 'Applications' link for more examples of the application of RTM-Worx by our licensees and in recent projects.


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Case Examples
Israel Aircraft
Rib Element
Fokker SP
Lug Assembly
Umoe Mandal
Rotor Blade
Vacuum Infusion
Slovenia 1
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