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Projects and the archiving system

With RTM-Worx, you do not have to worry about managing lots of files. RTM-Worx uses one single file for each project you are working on. If you create a new project, load another one or exit from RTM-Worx all your data is automatically saved. All you have to care about is the directory where the project file is located and the project name. Changing the project name will rename your files automatically. Facilities are provided to delete project files, create a 'snapshot copy' of your project, move the project file to another location (not necessarily on the same disk or machine, networks are fully supported) and archiving projects.
RTM-Worx stores project data in two different types of files:

WRX     WRX     Regular project with the WRX extension;
ARX     ARX     Archived projects, ARX extension (read-only).

The archiving system has been implemented to help you manage your data in a straightforward manner. It works as follows:

  • If you want to save the current model and results, create an archive (push the button). An archive contains all the project data and cannot be changed. The filename of an archived project is composed out of the project name and a number, for example 'myproject(1).arx' is the first archive created for the project named 'myproject', saved in the file 'myproject.wrx'. The next archive will be named 'myproject(2).arx' and so on.
  • You now have a number of cases archived. Suppose you want to start with the second one: simply open 'myproject(2).arx', the project will be named myproject(2) and your changes will be saved in 'myproject(2).wrx'. The archived project will not be changed.
  • Now you want to archive results again. This will create the archive myproject(2.1).arx, myproject(2.2).arx and so on.

The archiving system will allow you to concentrate on the part and the process and supports the way in which RTM-Worx encourages you to experiment.


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