Vacuum Infusion of a 24 meter racer
Maxi Jena - Infusion of the deck

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The series of photographs below shows preparation and infusion of the deck. Note that there are slight differences between infusion and simulation, which are caused by (1) using double instead of single spirals on top and (2) vacuum channels that are not intermitted along the edge.

Use the controls below the image to view the photographs.


The deck is more complicated than hull, the infusion strategy is dictated in part by the geometry and the risks of racetracking. In this case, the console is the lowest point so we wanted to start with the infusion there. The image right below shows the detail we modelled to study the start of the infusion (click the image for an animation). The vacuum points are closed when the resin reaches them and opened again when the mould is completely filled. The effort we put in this part payed off nicely as you can see in the photograph series above.

Simulation of infusion of the deck - click for animationSimulation of detail (start of infusion) - click for animation

The four large 'traps' can not be avoided and if you want to control the process, this is the best way to do it. In the animation (click on the image left above to see the result of the simulation), you can see that the resin reaches all the venting ports at the outer edge almost simultaneously.


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