Standfast Yachts 64'
Infusion of the hull

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Use the controls below the image to view the photographs. Those pictures can also be viewed as an AVI animation (click here, or in the menu at the left).

Simulation results and photographs in AVI format

Click on the pictures below to view AVI animations of the resin flow simulation (calculated by RTM-Worx) and photographs from preparation and infusion of the hull.

Simulation results calculated by RTM-Worx: syhulsim.avi (1067 KB) Photographs from the infusion of the hull: sy1hull.avi (1410 KB)
RTM-Worx simulation (syhulsim.avi, 1067 KB) Photographs (sy1hull.avi, 1410 KB)


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Standfast 64
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hull infusion
(1067 KB)
deck infusion
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Photos (AVI)
hull infusion
(1410 KB)
deck - detail
(799 KB)
deck - rear view
(766 KB)
deck - front view
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deck - misc
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